About Tyre Insight



Tyre Insights – T.P.M.S. (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems) is an automotive technology that provides information regarding the air pressure in the tyres on your vehicle. Essentially it is a small sensor installed inside each tyre that is able to measure both the pressure and temperature of the air inside your tyres as you drive. This information is transferred through RF technology to a receiver that will inform you if there are any changes in pressure or temperature in any of your tyres. The idea is to alert the driver of any changes so that they may stop driving and resolve any issues as soon as possible. This technology has been made mandatory in a number of countries around the world and is now available in Australia from Tyre Insight.


Maintaining correct tyre pressure is very important for a number of reasons but primarily it is all about SAFETY:

  • Vehicle handling is affected if tyres are over/under inflated.
  • Vehicle braking distance is affected if tyres are over/under inflated.
  • Vehicle tyres are less likely to puncture if correctly inflated.
  • Risk of vehicle roll-over is increased in an accident with incorrect tyre inflation.


Maintaining correct tyre pressure has additional environmental benefits:

  • Increases fuel efficiency by up to 10% through reduced rolling resistance.
  • Maximizes the life of your tyres through reduced wear.
  • Reduces exhaust emissions by improving the efficiency of your vehicles engine through reduced tyre rolling resistance.
  • Helps maintain speedometer accuracy.
  • Reduces the chance of damaging a tyre through under inflation.