UNI Sensor 315 MHZ


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Product Description

The UNI Sensor is a universal solution for tyre pressure monitoring systems.

  • UNI Sensor is a universal programmable sensor for tyre pressure monitoring systems, with the help of a diagnostic device, Sensor Aid. UNI Sensor can be triggered, scanned, auto-duplicated or manually keyed in to create new ID for the given motor vehicle.
  • UNI Sensor may replace faulty, defective or complete tyre sensors without re-programming the control unit (ECU) of the motor vehicle.
  • This sensor is mounted on a patented screwed valve. The angle can be adapted to the rim within the range of 0° to 30° and therefore it suits most aluminum and steel rims.
  • Please refer to the product page for more information

Additional Information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 85 x 35 x 70 mm